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Choose between 3 different capacitors

These three types cover all brands of motorcycles, cars, mopeds, lawnmowers and boat engines in the world, so it is guaranteed you can find one that fits your engine.


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150nF is exclusively for rotating coil magnets

I.e. engines with ex. Lucas or BTH magnet used in BSA, Ariel, AJS, Matchless, Norton, Triumph, Vicolette, Vincent, Rudge etc.




22 USD

+ shipping 7 USD

225nF is used in 99% of all ignition systems on motorcycles, cars, mopeds, lawnmowers, boat engines etc.

I.e. engines with rotating magnets, flywheel magnets or battery coil systems




24 USD

+ shipping 7 USD

300nF is used exclusively for

-Nimbus motorcycles

- Vespa scooter and mopeds




25 USD

+ shipping 7 USD


When buying a minimum quantity of 10 pcs a discount of 15% is given Ė contact

Delivery time is expected to be between 3- 10 days.

Are you still in doubt of which type of capacitor to choose for your engine, then please contact us and letís have a talk.