Superior quality Condenser (capacitor) for classic engines


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Mounting of the condenser (capacitor)


Link to installation guide here

The condenser has no polarity. In other words it cannot be incorrectly mounted in respect to plus and minus.

The condenser must not be exposed to severe twisting or hard impacts.

Figure 1 The dimensions of the ThorCap

1.   Remove the old condenser (or the innards of the old capacitor) before installing the ThorCap. As the ThorCap condenser is physical smaller than the original condenser, there should be no problem to get it to fit where the old condenser was mounted.

2.   Connect one of the wires from the condenser to the frame ground and the other wire to the contact breaker (LT wire).

3.   Shorten the wires so they are not longer than necessary.

4.   The condenser should be fixed with epoxy or 2-component glue, to secure it against the engine vibrations.


Below some different installations of the ThorCap condenser is shown, submitted by our customers.


Refurbishing a Ford flathead V8 with ThorCap capacitor (step by step)


1.   Old capacitor (top) and new ThorCap capacitor in bottom.


2.   The content of the old capacitor is removed and the new ThorCap capacitor is mounted inside the old capacitor housing.


3.   The capacitor wire is shorted and stripped


4.   One capacitor wire is soldered on the old capacitor metal housing (chassis) – The other capacitor wire is connected to the screw terminal going to the contactor.


5.   The refurbished capacitor is mounted on the distributor


6.   The distributor is now mounted on the Fort flathead V8 engine


7.   Ready for a road trip


The Thorcap condenser is seen in the lower right corner of the picture below. In the upper right corner the Thorcap condenser is built into an iron tube – ready for mounting on a Nimbus motorcycle.


In the example below is the ThorCap condenser installed in a small metal pipe, so it fits directly on a Nimbus motorcycle. The ThorCap condenser is soldered to the pipe inside in one end and the pipe is filled with acid free rubber sealer.



Harley Davidson with ThorCap capacitor


In the example below is a ThorCap condenser installed in a DKW F5 from 1936.



In the example below is a ThorCap condenser installed in a Nimbus sport.

In the example below is a ThorCap condenser installed on a Husqvarna.




In the example below an old condenser house is opened with cutter and had the innards removed, then the small ThorCap condenser has been soldered onto the existing solder joints.


In the example below is the ThorCap condenser installed (soldered) where the old condenser was mounted in the Lucas magneto. Again the ThorCap is attached with two-component adhesive.



In the example below the ThorCap condenser is installed in an Evinrude boat engine.

Below it is shown, step by step, how to mount the ThorCap condenser inside the original condenser housing.


The original condenser can be seen in the bottom of the picture next to the contact breaker.

The original condenser is removed and placed in a vice. The top of the condenser (the end where the wire is placed) is sawed off.

The insides of the old condenser are removed.

A hole is drilled in the side of the original capacitor casing (just large enough to fit the ThorCap condenser cobber wire).

The ThorCap condenser is mounted in the old condenser housing and the wire of the ThorCap condenser is mounted in the drilled hole.

Here the ThorCap condenser’s wire is seen sticking out of the side of the original capacitor housing (ready to be soldered)

The ThorCap condenser wire is soldered to the original housing.

The last step is to fill the original condenser casing with epoxy or similar material. If silicone material is used, be sure this does NOT containing acetic acid as it can corrode the copper wire over time. Acid is electrically conductive, so a simple test you can do if you are in doubt about the material to use inside contains acid, is to measure with an ohmmeter or mekker (high voltage tester) and see if the material is electrically conductive.

The finished product, ready to be fitted to the engine.

Original appearance capacitor, but with all ThorCap condenser benefits.