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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What are the symptoms of a bad condenser?

• The engine cannot start

• The engine cannot take high revs

• The engine cannot reach its top speed

• The engine runs uneven when it gets hot

• The engine "shoots" in the carburetor or exhaust

What do I get for my money?

You get a condenser having a small price compared to the restoration cost of the magnet.

You do not get the problems you can get if you choose an original standard condenser that will age / wear out over time.

You get a condenser which has been made extensive simulations and calculations on, in order to qualify it.

You get a condenser that has been tested on a magneto test bench during the development.

You get a condenser that has been made many miles of driven testing on, during the last six years, on a large number of motorcycles of different brand and ignition system.

You get a condenser with clear specifications, 1200V isolation voltage and 125 degrees Celsius. Often when buying an “original” condenser the isolation voltage and temperature are not specified.

If you still have doubts, please feel free to contact us at with your questions.

Last we promise 3 year warranty as the only condenser supplier in the world (we vouch a 100 % for this product, because we know it is of the highest quality).

How can i pay?

When you press the "Buy" button you will be automatically forwarded to PayPal payment page. Here you can pay your purchases with Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer.

Read more about Paypal payment on:

PayPal billede (kort)

Why do ThorCap only use ceramic condensers?

ThorCap uses ceramic capacitors in all of our condensers as ceramic capacitors are characterized by high DC breakdown voltage, no polarity, has very high ripple current capability and high reliability compared to other capacitor types. We only use high-quality ceramic capacitors for ThorCap condensers.


Which capacitance tolerance does a ThorCap condenser have?

All our Condensers have +/- 10 % capacitance tolerance, which is typically significantly better than other condenser manufacturers.

Why does ThorCap use 1200V as isolation voltage?

The 1200V, actually 1260V, is due to we have put two 630V capacitors in series to achieve double isolation. The measurements we have made on various ignition systems (Lucas, BTH etc.), showing that there is typically around 400V over the condenser, but we want to be 100% sure never to go near the condenser limit, why we have chosen 1260V continuous isolation to ensure minimal stress of the capacitor elements. This increases the cost of production as there are used four times as many 630V capacitors to achieve the same capacity with double insulation. Furthermore the capacitor can withstand 1890V for 1 to 5 seconds at maximum 50mA discharge.
Double isolation, besides reduced stress of capacitor elements, also have the advantage if a single 630V element should fail, you would be able to continue to run until you get the opportunity to change the condenser (which is nice if you are far from home). However, this is a hypothetical example, since the probability of a 630V cell should fail, is highly unlikely due to 1260V continuous isolation. We have never had any breakdown in isolation on a ThorCap condenser!

Which ignition systems can be used with the ThorCap condenser?

The ThorCap condenser is an ignition condenser suitable for use not only in all types of magneto (rotating-coil, rotating-magnet and flywheel), but also in battery-coil (“Kettering”) ignition systems.

Can the condenser be used in both 6V and 12V systems?