Superior quality Condenser (capacitor) for classic engines


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Custom-made condenser (capacitor)

ThorCap also make custom made condenser (capacitor) according to your specifications for other makes of motorcycles, mopeds and cars. Optional capacity and isolation voltage. If you do not know what capacity and voltage to suit your vehicle, we will help you with this. ThorCap ensures a stable and reliable ignition of your vehicle. The ThorCap condenser can be used in most engine types with contact breakers. Prices from 130 DKK (24 USD).

• Condenser (capacitor) for vintage motorcycles

• Condenser (capacitor) for vintage mopeds

• Condenser (capacitor) for vintage cars

• Condenser (capacitor) for tractors

• Condenser (capacitor) for generators

As the ThorCap condensor is physical smaller than the original condenser, there should be no problem to get it to fit where the old condenser was mounted. More info under Mounting.

Write to with your specifiacions.

With ThorCap, you always get the following as standard:

·        1200V isolation voltage continuous  (other vendors typically specify 500 to 600V isolation)

·        Operating temperature up to 125 degrees Celsius (257 Fahrenheit)

·        Significantly longer life than ”original” capacitors, since the ceramic material does not dry out

·        3 year warranty

·        30 day return policy